Necromancy Divination by means of the Dead

Necromancy is referred to as a form of black magic. Same that has been a term used to describe communication and dealings with the dead. This is performed by powerful magicians or sorcerers, and differs from most modern mediums. Your goal is simply to communicate with the dead. Necromancers often have a purpose in mind. Since their interactions can be aimed at predicting the future, discovering secrets, recovering someone from the dead. Even using a deceased body as a weapon.

Que es la nigromancia definicion y significado
Meaning. Necromancy Divination by means of the Dead

The art of necromancy has been practiced since the world’s earliest civilizations, and is still practiced today as an art to resurrect and communicate with the dead. Same that is sometimes considered a form of black magic. Necromancy has been used for thousands of years in civilizations around the world. And his earliest writings date back to ancient Greece and Rome. Where they did rituals to invoke the dead through the inscription of symbols and words, as well as rituals, spells and sacrifices.

Necromancy Magic of Divination and Witchcraft

The English word necromancy was adapted to the Latin word necromantia and the Latin word in turn derives from the Greek word nekromateia. Which is a combination of the ancient Greek nekros which means corpse and manteia, which means divination. In other words the literal meaning of necromancy; It is divination through the dead, although this definition may be literally correct, it is said that necromancers are capable of using necromancy or simple divination.

Necromancia origen biblia edad media ficción
Necromancy origin bible middle ages fiction

A practitioner’s interactions with the dead can be much more complex and can have a physical impact on the world of the living. For example, necromancers can also raise the dead to learn secrets and gain forgiveness or the name of an assassin. Necromancy is sometimes referred to as death magic and is often viewed as dangerous or black magic and even witchcraft. This is so even though many medieval necromancers were clerics. Despite its reputation, this practice can also be used to obtain positive results.

Origins of Necromancy and the Bible

Necromancy has existed throughout history and was practiced in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Babylon, Rome, Greece, Persian, and Chaldean. It is possible that it was associated with shamanism, although it was also related to ancestor worship. The accounts of necromancy recorded in antiquity come from Homer’s odyssey, the metamorphosis of Ovid and of course the Bible. Necromancy is described in numerous parts of the Bible mainly in the Old Testament.

Some examples are the book of Deuteronomy 18: 10-11, in which the Israelites are warned; Let not be found in you who makes his son or daughter pass through the fire, nor who practices divination, nor soothsayer, nor sorcerer, nor sorcerer, nor enchantress, nor fortune teller, nor magician, nor who consults the dead.

The book of Leviticus 20:27. He also warns against necromancy; And the man or the woman who evokes spirits of the dead or surrenders to divination, must die, they will be stoned; his blood will be on them.

First Samuel tells the story of how King Saul caused the witch of Endor to call the spirit of the prophet Samuel from the dead. Saul expected to receive military advice from Samuel; instead Samuel told Saul that both he and his son would appear in battle. This prophecy was fulfilled the next day.

Necromancy in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

On the average necromancy was strictly forbidden by the church. This of course did not impede their practice, and surprisingly many medieval necromancers were members of the clergy. Who believed to be invoking the help of God to conjure demons, angels and spirits. Necromancers were also alchemists or natural philosophers, whose interests included not only chemistry and medicine. But also the search for eternal life.

Nigromancia ocultismo
Necromancy: Origin, Bible, Middle Ages, and Fiction

The techniques used to resurrect or communicate with the dead were related to those used for exorcism. Since here they also included a wide range of occult practices and the use of hallucinogens. Ancient necromancers generally raised the dead to learn secrets or to gain insight into the future. Sometimes for the living to obtain his forgiveness or direction. Medieval necromancers had similar goals. But they also invoked the dead to manipulate the living and also used the bodies of the dead. Perhaps the best known medieval necromancer was Johann Faust. A German alchemist who devoted himself to the occult and in particular to necromancy. He himself was born at the beginning of the 16th century. Johann Faust, was described as a magician, astrologer and trickster. His alleged interactions with the dead made him the subject of plays and even operas.

Contemporary Necromancy

The fascination with necromancy has not disappeared at all since the Middle Ages. For fictional accounts of interactions with the dead remain extraordinarily popular. Although of course, in books and movies like Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy, the term necromancy is not necessarily used.

However, all of these films are related to using or interacting with the risen dead, and the media is often used by people claiming to communicate with the dead to ask for secrets or predict the future. Also, popular games and TV shows include Resuscitation of the Dead, many even focus on zombies.

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How Necromancers Communicate with the Dead and give them orders

Over the millennia the processes for reaching the dead have changed dramatically. In some cases, the process is very simple. Mediums, for example, can call their spirit guides or go into a trance without the need for complex rituals or spells. However, historically the processes for communicating with the dead through necromancy are quite extensive and dramatic. In some cases the necromancers have led a very austere life eating only certain foods, avoiding even seeing women and remaining celibate. Often a child was called upon to a virginal man to complete the ceremony.

Necromancer rituals usually begin with drawings, signs and inscriptions with a knife or sword or on a cloth with ink or blood. The circle is not only a symbol of power, but also a means to contain the spirit of the dead and thus protect the necromancer. Words are added to the circle, including inscriptions pointing north, south, east, and west. In addition to the names of the necromancer or the medium of the spirits or the demons that are called. While the signs used usually include ancient figures such as pentagrams, astrological and astronomical symbols, and the objects are usually claws, swords and candles placed in specific places to be used during the ritual.

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