The Planet Is In Danger China And The US Want To Launch A Rocket Against An Asteroid That Could Impact The Earth

The Planet Is In Danger China And The US Want To Launch A Rocket Against An Asteroid That Could Impact The Earth. The asteroid we are talking about is known as Bennu. This asteroid weighs 77.5 million tons and has a diameter as long as the Empire State Building, so Chinese researchers want to send 23 of the largest rockets in the world to deflect the Bennu impact.

Bennu was discovered on September 11, 1999, which was selected by NASA to send the Osiris-Rex space probe. Which collected samples of the asteroid with a robotic arm and today is heading to Earth with an estimated return date for next year 2023. However, the problem arises from the direction of the asteroid, which is why scientists they don’t lose sight of it.

What Happens If Asteroid Bennu Hits Earth

Although the asteroid Bennu only has a 1% chance of impacting the earth, its damage would be catastrophic. Since this asteroid travels at a speed of 101,389 kilometers per hour, it has a mass of 7.329 × 1010 kg, a density of 1190 kg / m³ and a diameter of 490 m. In addition to the fact that it is heated by the sun’s rays and by raising its temperature, it emits thermal radiation in various directions while continuing to rotate.

The impact of this asteroid would be several times greater than the Hiroshima atomic bomb. Since if it impacted the earth, it would generate more than 1,200 megatons of energy. Bone, it would be 80,000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima Bomb, which killed more than 246,000 civilians and military personnel. In other words, if Bennu were to hit the ground, he could destroy entire cities and cause millions of deaths in fractions of seconds.

Although of course it would not end life on earth as the asteroid that fell approximately 65 million years ago did. and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. But if it would cause excruciating damage

What Is The Plan Of China And The United States To Prevent The Possible Impact Of Asteroid BENNU

So far the Chinese plan to divert the course of this fragment of space junk. It is to send 23 rockets of the Long March 5 model, which they propose to hit the meteorite on the surface of Bennu with enough kinetic energy to divert it from its orbit. Putting about 9,000 kilometers of a possible collision course. These information were published in the newspaper Icarus, by a group of scientists, astronomers and engineers from the national center for space sciences.


The same that they affirm that the synchronized impact of the 23 rockets would be enough to change the orbit of Bennu. According to the one proposed by these astronomers and scientists, the upper phase of the rocket would not separate from the spacecraft, which is why it would receive the name Aki «Impactor or Kinetic Impactor». Since the ship at the top would control the trajectory of the rocket at all times. Same ship that in total would weigh 992 tons

NASA’s proposal to eliminate the threat of the asteroid Bennu

The Chinese team of astronomers and scientists claims their plan to deviate Bennu’s orbit. It is more effective than the CkI plan «Classic KInKetic Impactor», with which NASA intends to send the Hammer mission. Hypervelocity spacecraft with emergency response, that is, the United States intends to send a mission of 34 to 53 nine-meter rockets against the surface of Bennu and hit it when it is at a distance of 10 years from the earth. For which there is still a long way to go since it is expected to impact or pass through our planet in about 135 years.

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According to Chinese scientists, if NASA’s mission to blow up the asteroid is carried out, this could cause some risks. Since such an explosion would create smaller fragments that would fall to the ground without changing their course. Therefore, Elon Musk suggested that larger and faster rocket stopping asteroids must be created that are discovered before a plan can be devised. He bone devises a plan C, as an emergency in case the plans of NASA or China fail. Since these plans should be studied better because they could cause the opposite of what was expected.

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